Integrative Therapies by Wellness Health Options

  Are you missing something in your journey to a healthier lifestyle?

Well you found "IT" (Integrative Therapies by Wellness Health Options). Inside and out, we are ready to help you achieve your wellness goals as our team of educated and experienced health and wellness professionals address your unique needs as an individual utilizing a holistic and functional approach.

What do you have to Lose?                   What do you have to Gain?
Stress? Pain? Worry? Tension?                            Confidence? Strength? Mobility? Anxiety? Weight? Discomfort?                             Flexibility? Balance?
                                                                        Comfort? Peace? Relaxation? 
                                                                        Beauty Enhancement?


Everybody is different… integrating multiple techniques into a wellness program can be very beneficial optimizing your mental, physical and spiritual health and well-being.  

Our Services (click on each service listed to learn more on the provider):

and other therapies that will allow you to live Well in mind, body, and spirit!


 Our Team (click on each name to learn more):

Betty McKisson RN, CRNP, LMT                                  Liza Say BS, RN, CHC

Joseph Croskey, MA                                                        Pamela Watkins, RMT, CCA

Kathleen Ellwood, MA, CPC                                          Sherry Raabe, RDH, MPS

Kristy Droske BS, CPT, CES                                          Vince Ganoe, L.Ac, Dipl.Ac

 We are dedicated to providing the best care to our community. Services are offered individually, but may also be available in group or corporate settings. Mobile options are available. To inquire about wellness options for your group or company, please contact us for more information.

 Providing a WHOLEistic approach to
achieving individual wellness.


Environmental – Social – Intellectual 
Emotional – Physical - Spiritual


Pictured Left to Right: Liza Say, Betty McKisson, Vince Ganoe, Pamela Watkins, Kristy Droske, Kathleen Ellwood and Joseph Croskey. Absent from Photo: Sherry Raabe